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  • We arrive with more than one car, do you have parking space?

    Our inside parking space is provided with electric gate at the entrance and allows the entrance of maximum one car per apartment. If there will be free spaces maybe due to some apartments that are not rented we will be happy to allow the entrance of more vehicles per apartment otherwise one vehicle inside and the others outside right in front of our entrance gate. However the parking space is for all and is absolutely free. (PS: In the summer we park outside even our cars…:-D)

  • How can I make a booking?

    Our policy is very simple. You can send us an information request email from CONTACT page or ask for information and eventually book directly by phone, calling 0884 701 085. After checking the availability and after receiving a confirmation from you, we will send you an email with the request of the personal data, a short review about the prices and the bank details so you can make a small confirmation deposit agreed during our discussions. In the moment when the deposit will be verified, we will send you a confirmation email for your booking.

  • Do you have a beach with a partner lido?

    At only 600 meters from us is found the famous beach of Pizzomunno; here you can find right away our partner lido, chosen as one of the best from Italy for beauty and services or take a break next to it on the free beach. As for the lido you can choose directly on your arrival and if that is the case, we’ll give you a card for 10% discount on the total price. Payments and booking will be made directly at the lido, and not at us. PS: We always advise our customers to choose on site if make a booking for the lido or not because both Vieste and Gargano are rich on beaches and wonderful bays and generally most of the customers decide to see them all. It’s your choice..!

  • Is there an obligatory day for arrival and departure?

    Absolutely yes; we make bookings exclusively from Saturday to Saturday. Other types of requests unfortunately will not be taken into consideration.

  • When should the payment be made?

    The payment is to be made on arrival.

  • Is there any city tax to pay to the municipality?

    Yes. The municipality of Vieste from some years, like every touristic municipality in Italy estabished this tax that you should pay directly to us at your arrival. For our category the fee is 0.60 euro cents per day per person. Seniors, disabled and children under 14 years old are exempt from this tax.

  • Are there any other costs to be sustained in addition to the quote?

    Absolutely no. The quote we send is always inclusive of all costs and expenses (exclusive of air conditioning and linens that are obviously optional and the city tax).

  • We have a little child. Are you equipped?

    Regarding the cribs, baby chairs and other from some years now we decided to eliminate this service because many customers preferred to opt for their own solutions telling us that for hygiene related reasons it wasn’t preferable to choose those from the property. Anyway we have a beautiful playground equipped with synthetic grass on the bottom and full of rides.

  • How can we access the pool, are there any fees?

    Assuming that we owners live in the property, the pool was made exclusively for us, so it is private. Obviously we consider our customers like friends who come to visit us at home and as all the friends, after our explicit consent you can access safely. The managements however does not assume any responsibilties for the risks. As for the cost, the use is absolutely free.

  • We have a pet, can we bring it with us?

    Absolutely yes. We are proud of being a pet friendly property and being ourselves pet lovers and owners of a small dog we are very happy to accommodate our lovable family friends.

  • Is there a local transport service nearby?

    Absolutely yes. The local bus station is just outside our property. You can find out transport hours and routes by CLICKING HERE. Our bus station is named IPSSAR while the lido bus stop is named LIDO OASI. For everyone who wish to use public transport, by paying the city tax, you’ll have at your service the Vieste Card which will give you unlimited number of rides absolutely FREE.

  • How does it work with the linens, how much it costs?

    The linens being in a residence isn’t provided inside the apartments. We have anyway an intern service that allow to you customers to rent the linens. For matrimonial the fee is 12 euros per week each while the singles are 6 euros per week each. The change of linens is made every week on Saturday and is mandatory.

  • The residence provides a laundry service for guests?

    We don’t have a private laundry service but we have equipped a small area at customer’s disposal with washing machine and sink where anyone can do the laundry with comfort. Detergents not included.

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